Topical Application of CBD oil

by cbdoilsideeffect

The common way of ingesting CBD is through the mouth in the form of oil. Other uncommon ways include spays, and in the form of creams, and lotions. However, did you know you can topically use CBD oil on a particular area to get relief? For individuals who do not wish to use creams, or lotions that have traces of THC, topical application is their next best alternative. The primary reasons for topical application include inflammation and pain reduction.

How Topical CBD Works

Instead of consuming CBD oil through the mouth which takes about two hours to take effect and end up affecting the whole body, topical application on the affected area ensures that the oil is immediately absorbed to the affected area and creates a more focused onset of outcomes.

First time CBD oil users may be a little reluctant ingesting the oil and prefer external applications first before moving to other forms of use. Perhaps this is the minimally invasive application method that creates a connection between curious consumers and the hemp industry.

CBD applied in topical areas only interact with CB2 receptors available near the skin. The receptors act accordingly and activate the endocannabinoid system without the CBD entering the bloodstream. The human skin has a low absorption rate for cannabinoids. Therefore, an application needs to be heavy enough to surpass this challenge. For people trying the topical application, it is often advised that they liberally apply the oil on the affected area without limiting it.

Since CBD in the oil is likely to stimulate the CB2 receptors, manufacturers prefer it than THC. Furthermore, CBD oil is legal in all U.S. states, and the unavailability of legal constraints makes it a viable source of CBD for topical applications.


CBD and THC are major compounds in the cannabis plant. However, these two compounds produce different effects to the body regarding psychoactivity. CBD is available in both hemp and marijuana. However, active THC is absent in the hemp based products.

Both CBD and THC possess individual benefits to the body. However, many patients opt for CBD based products since they lack any psychoactive or stoning effects. However, some scientists suggest that using both THC and CBD is more efficient that singly using any one of them. Interestingly, CBD slows down the breakdown of THC.

People with plant allergies need to use hemp CBD oil for their topical application instead of CBD oil from cannabis. Marijuana can have chemicals that can irritate an allergic person instead of treating it especially those allergic to chemicals.

How to Apply CBD Oil

Topical CBD oil application requires a liberal application to be successful. Before using the oil, one needs to wash the area with soap and water to remove any existing oils, dirt, or previously applied topical CBD oil. Cleaning the area ensures that there are no barriers that will prevent the absorption of the oil.

Adults should typically rub the oil on the affected area and give it some time to absorb. Subsequently, cover the area with a cloth together with/or bandage to prevent the oil from rubbing off again. However, one needs to watch that there is no reaction to it, for instance, visibility of bumps, sores, itches, redness, etc. Children and the elderly require a small amount of oil since their skins are relatively thin.

It is recommended that the application is made between 1 and 3 times each day. Again, the number of applications will depend on the extent of the condition being treated. One should expect relief between 1 and 48 hours after application.

Medical Experts’ Opinion

Several research studies have been conducted to explain the actual contribution of CBD oil in the body. However, there’s still a stigma involved around the use of CBD oil. Nevertheless, this has not limited researchers from conducting studies that show the benefits of CBD oil. In the United States, not enough pieces of research speak about CBD oil as compared to other countries such as Israel.

Evidence based studies show that CBD has sedative, anxiolytic, neuroprotective, therapeutic, and anti-inflammatory effects which reveal a promising future in the health industry. All over, medical experts and scientists likewise all agree that CBD has positive outcomes for numerous of conditions without any health risks.

Benefits of CBD Topical Application

CBD is a powerful antioxidant which protects the body against harmful and toxic substances such as environmental pollutants, UV rays, etc. Free radicals in the atmosphere can lead to wrinkles and ultimately quicken aging. The antioxidant properties of CBD reduce these wrinkles on the skin.

Since cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the skin, CBD topical application can heal skin-related disorders such as eczema, atopic dermatitis, etc. Similarly, use of CBD on the skin can prevent the occurrence of acne and in the treatment of skin allergies.

Topical CBD also kills any pain. Pain in the joints, in case of inflammation, mild injuries, arthritis, and sprains can all be relieved by CBD. CBD also reduces chronic pain. For people with chronic pains in their backs, shoulders, knees, or anywhere else, topical CBD can help solve that problem. People who regularly experience migraines and pains caused by cramps and other causes can be treated with a little CBD oil applied on the affected region of the head.

One advantage of CBD oil is that it does not contain any THC. THC is responsible for the stoning effects that make someone high. Since topical CBD products do not break through the bloodstream, it is impossible for anyone to experience any psychoactive effects.

Similarly, the topical application ensures that the CBD only targets the affected area to produce maximum results. Instead of medicating the entire body, an individual can apply the oil on the area when needed. This form of application reduces the action time of CBD before it finally acts on the targeted problem.

Topical CBD oil is a safe way to try CBD for first timers. Topical CBD allows those individuals with reservations of CBD products can slowly introduce themselves into CBD products. In return, they will receive a quick response from the oil and healing of their ailments.