Reasons why you’re tired all the time and how can CBD help you

by Michal Tomankiewicz

Sometimes, due to the hectic lifestyle we live, we tend to overlook some fairly alarming health manifestations. One such occurrence is chronic fatigue, something we don’t notice at first or just plainly refuse to acknowledge. At first, fatigue can be attributed to a lot of factors, but after a little bit of observation, you are quick to notice that something is not quite right with your health.

Being tired all the time can be a death sentence for some people, as they depend on their alertness to do all the things that are to be done during the day. In order to combat this strange condition, many standard medications are issued on a daily basis. Do they work, you ask? Technically yes, they accomplish their goal of restoring energy and dispersing narcolepsy. However, the chemicals within these medications can have some unpleasant repercussions on your health and well-being.

Thus, many patients have decided to search for an alternative medication for their chronic fatigue. In the midst of this search, an ideal candidate appeared. CBD, a substance found in the cannabis plant, turned out to be the solution that was being searched for. How does it function? What are future predictions for the introduction of CBD into mainstream medicine? These and other conundrums alike have haunted the medical community and we’ve decided to tackle them straight-on.

However, let’s start with the reasons for being tired all the time. Some of them can be connected to the most unlikely factors.

The main culprits for chronic fatigue

  1. Anemia

A lack of red blood cells can be detrimental to your alertness levels. The role of erythrocytes centers around transporting oxygen to your cells and different tissues. When there aren’t enough of the cells, your entire organism will be devoid of fuel. With such a lack of fuel, you will feel tired and weak all the time, simply because there isn’t anything to support all the bodily processes.

  1. Thyroid disease

This important gland located in our throat can really mess up the way we function. Irregularities within the hormonal system can cause your energy to plummet real fast. You will notice something is wrong and even simple tasks will become Herculean ones. Other symptoms may include excessive sweating, sudden weight loss and an increased menstrual flow in women.

  1. Diabetes

When you have diabetes, your body can’t handle glucose properly and it gets stored in your blood. Therefore, diabetics are advised to cut down on the sugar intake. This creates an additional problem, as it leaves your body devoid of a crucial energy source down the line. Diabetics often have problems with alertness and excessive fatigue, as well as sudden weight loss and an urge to drink more and more liquid.

  1. Depression

Although we all don’t experience depression the same way, it can be a major factor in our chronic fatigue. When we’re depressed, we tend to have a lack of will for everything. This results in accomplishing nothing, which further decreases our will. In this vicious circle, we find ourselves severely lacking in the alertness department.

CBD – your ideal ally in battling chronic fatigue

As we proclaim CBD the ideal ally in the battle against chronic fatigue, we enter a new age of medicine. The priority becomes not only the effects of medication on your current condition but your entire organism. This is what makes CBD a member of the future, as it has so unwanted side-effects whatsoever. When it comes to treating the human body, there is no milder and more beneficial remedy out there.

First of all, what is CBD? By definition, it’s a cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant. It has many beneficial effects on our health, but without the mind-altering effects, many people experience after smoking cannabis. The trick is that marijuana, the type of cannabis which can be smoked is full of THC, another healthy, yet psychoactive ingredient. CBD will give you none of that.

How can CBD exactly aid you?

Through extensive research, it has been determined that CBD can present a viable solution to the sleeping problems that many people face. One British study was particularly extensive in terms of the variety of test subjects.

By analyzing this particular batch of research, along with some others, we come to a conclusion that CBD influences our alertness in a non-immediate way. Although this doesn’t attack the root of a problem, it bypasses otherwise unsolvable issues. We’ve assembled a list of all the ways CBD can affect your fatigue and eradicate it.

PTSD-induced nightmares – One common cause of fatigue are nightmares. War veterans and people who’ve served their country have seen some pretty gruesome scenes that return back every once in a while, preventing them from sleeping normally. CBD comes on hand in these cases. Many war veterans reported a completely different sleeping pattern, with no reoccurring nightmares.

Stress eradication – Stress can take a big toll on our minds and bodies. Excessive stressing literally drains our energy and leaves less and less of it for necessary things. By administering CBD oil, you will feel a soothing sensation that will gradually eradicate stress over time. As you stress less, you feel rejuvenated an energized.

Stimulating effects – CBD will be an incredible stimulant if you use it in smaller doses. On an average, people who use CBD oil in only small drops tend to be more productive and stay away for prolonged periods of time. Despite this effect, don’t let yourself be fooled. More is not always better. Overdoing CBD oil can seriously impact your alertness and cause you to become too relaxed. That is something you obviously want to avoid, as you want more energy.

Disease avoidance – With CBD, you can eradicate and avoid many diseases. They are sometimes the main culprits when it comes to draining your energy. With its powerful healing effects, CBD will get rid of any disease that might be causing fatigue.