Integrating CBD into your Beauty Routine

by Simy Wandering Turtle

When it comes to medication, especially skin medication, we have come a long way in recent years. There have been many unsuccessful or semi-successful attempts at creating a skin treatment that is seemingly impossible not to work. Many artificial and natural remedies have been tried out in recent decades, but none have proved to be viable, long-term solutions to our dermatological problems. Hence, as medicine started getting more and more advanced, we could see people beginning to invest more and more in research.

In the midst of those research phases, there has been an ideal candidate in the last decade – CBD oil. This very useful and successful compound has revolutionized the way we look at medicine and multi-purpose treatments. You may have heard about its incredible benefits when it comes to taking care of cancer and epilepsy, but there is a side to CBD that we seem to ignore all the time. That side is the plethora of skincare benefits that have been sorely missed by people of all ages. So, what’s the trick anyway?

The truth may very well be that there is no trick. Many studies have concluded that the existence of these benefits is not some bogus spawn of imagination. The thing is, these claims have been tested in practice too, and thus opened a new chapter in the ever-evolving field of dermatology. Before we venture into the heart of the subject, let’s take a look at what CBD stands for. We will see how does it work and how may it affect the way we look at beauty and skin care.

What is CBD, anyway?

When it comes to CBD, there are a thousand and one myths flying around the information stratosphere. False information is being spread around and is taking its toll on the brain of people, young and old alike. This incredibly useful substance is a cannabinoid. The obvious question should be what is a cannabinoid? As its name states, it’s a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. There are over 400 different cannabinoids that can affect our organism, both positively and negatively.

Cannabinoids like CBD work by latching themselves onto the cannabinoid receptors in our body. CBD particles, in particular, can get attached to cancer cells and perhaps some inflamed parts in the body. They work in sync with the receptors and perform many beneficial actions throughout the human body.

Before we continue even further, we have to clarify a popular conundrum. What is different between THC and CBD – this is a popular question that gets asked a lot. Instead of providing valid information, many individuals and organizations provide false instance and fake facts in order to cause mass distress and fear.

CBD directly stems from the hemp plant, whereas THC is derived from the marijuana plant. They are both different kinds of the cannabis sort but have entirely different effects on the human organism. Hemp is mostly used for the manufacturing of medications, fabrics, materials and other useful things. Marijuana is filled with THC, which is responsible for the famous “high” feeling.

Therefore, it can be said that that CBD and THC are cousins, albeit distant ones. CBD often gets a bad reputation due to the somewhat maligned effects THC has. It’s unwarranted and has to stop at once.

What kinds of effects does CBD have on our skin?

First of all, it takes care of the aging effects our body suffers as time goes on. The endcannabinoid system within our bodies is directly correlated with the way our basal cells get born, die and regenerate. If you didn’t know about them, it’s high time that you get informed about this paramount type of cells. They comprise 90% of cells in the epidermis and affecting their production can reverse the aging process.

Furthermore, CBD prevents oxidative stress from taking a toll on the skin’s surface. Due to a mix of vitamins C and E, alongside omega-3 fatty acids, CBD oil can eradicate the effects free radicals have on our skin. More things that can threaten our skin are also bound to be eradicated by the beneficial effects of CBD oil This includes UV rays, pollutants, smoke and many other different kinds of toxic matter.

Another excellent way of CBD’s influence on our bodies is the eradication of existing acne and the prevention of new ones forming. Acne is caused by an overabundance of skin oils being excreted by the skin on a daily basis. They, along with bacteria and dust, clog our pores. Many studies have shown that the healthy oil in CBD oil inhibits excessive oil production. Instead of having greasy and acne-infested skin, you will be bestowed with a smooth, elegant surface with a hydrated epidermis and stable lower layers.

More studies have shown that CBD can actually form a protective layer that decreases the frequency and severity of skin allergies. Thus, it is safe to say that this incredibly beneficial cannabinoid has the unique ability to form a protective layer over the pores of this skin. This not only strengthens the immune system, but it also provides us with a barrier against dust, pollen, and any other known irritant.

Eczema is also known to disappear under the effects of CBD. By applying it topically and gently, you will make your skin absorb the CBD directly, without having to rely on the fact that your skin is connected to the bloodstream. There isn’t a concrete explanation about this, but it is safe to say that CBD has a killer effect on inflammations of all sorts. A truly remarkable instance of skin care.

The future?

We may very well be looking at the future remedy for any sort of skin problem. The advantages of CBD are numerous. It is cheap because hemp is easily grown anywhere and doesn’t have any adverse effects. This alone gives CBD the upper hand in comparison to some other skin products that may leave marks of being bad for your health. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.