How Celebrities With Anxiety Overcome It and Live Normally

by Simy Wandering Turtle

Anxiety and depression have quickly become the joint plague of the 21st century. More people suffer from these conditions than ever before. No matter how advanced we are, there is no excuse for shunning these health concerns to the side. If something doesn’t cause bleeding or physical pain, it doesn’t mean it isn’t serious.

Such is the case with anxiety. For starters, using the term anxiety for an anxiety disorder is technically incorrect. Anxiety, as a feeling, can be positive in many cases. In many cases, this uncertainty of the future leads to accomplishing truly great things. It makes us rehearse before giving a big speech and allows us to take matters into our own hands. That’s sometimes the driving force behind our accomplishments.

An anxiety disorder is something different. Describing it doesn’t to the condition any justice. Only those who feel it can describe it. When describing anxiety disorders, the best people to do it are those with a voice heard around the world. We’re talking about celebrities.

These people don’t differ from you and us that much. They have their jobs, their problems and their passions. Like us, they have to keep it together every single today to make it through. They too suffer from anxiety. Following their example, everyone has a chance for their voice to be heard. Overcoming anxiety issues is hard, but not impossible. These celebrities have done and have proven that nobody is on their own.

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool was a smash hit in every theater on the globe. People were simply enamored with Reynolds’ charisma and witty humor. He received a lot of money and gained rave reviews. But not everything is fun and games. He has been dealing with incredible anxiety his whole time on set.

In fact, it was so severe that he couldn’t sleep. He wanted to succeed so bad and didn’t want to leave anything less than perfect. As the movie was nearing post-production, things were getting worse and worse. He ate less and had a harder time every day. But he knew that he wasn’t alone.

Ryan credits his beloved wife, Blake Lively, for helping him through the whole phase. He let his expectations overcome his rationality. However, he didn’t allow this to set him back. Support from his family allowed him to succeed. If you’re struggling, don’t hesitate to tell your loved ones.

Will Young

Will has always been an important voice for people with anxiety around the world. The singer is beloved because of his honesty about the issues he’s facing. Numerous are the times he felt terrible, but he managed to pull through. An especially terrible moment was during the filming of Strictly Come Dancing. That’s when the curtain call was close.

Struggling with suicidal thoughts, will had no choice but to drop out of the movie. He made a wise choice. Nothing is more important than mental health. Success sometimes engulfs us and prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. No matter how much we want to gain something, being stable and healthy is of the utmost importance.

Another way of pulling through an anxiety-filled period is taking a break. Sometimes, all you need is to focus on yourself, your health and what you love. Taking such a break will make your stronger and more productive than ever. Don’t hesitate, it can only aid you.

Lena Dunham

Lena tried out a different method of dealing with her anxiety. Like it is with everything, the priority is knowing yourself and what suits you. While filming Girls season 5, the pressure was building up. The rumors, the speculations and the media were all gaining up on Lena. She found the pressure to be too much and started cracking under her own anxiety.

She had little time to spare between sets.  A consummate professional, Lena wanted to do her very best when it comes to recording for the show. At times, she felt like it was too much. It was time for a change. While searching for a solution, Lena found an unlikely ally. Something that people were telling her about, but she jokingly brushed it off. Exercise is the thing in question.

By exercising her body, Lena’s fortitude and motivation had gone up. She made it through grueling sets in the morning. Instead of tiring her out, it only made her a lioness for the rest of the day. Physical activity does wonders for both the mind and the spirit.

Justin Bieber

While seemingly careless and fun-loving, Justin too has his own struggles. Most of us look at the lives of famous people and deem them easy and devoid of any hard work. Being a celebrity is the result of countless hours of hard work. Aside from the hard work, there is another side to the whole story.

Upon reaching fame, people want to snoop through your daily life. You get criticized, scrutinized and followed around. No money in the world can make up for lost privacy and high expectations. Justin publicly stated that he was anxious and very depressed at times. He found it hard to deal with the pressure and the paparazzi.

Thankfully, he took some much needed rest and came out of it healthy. Don’t hesitate to take a break from your daily chores and obligations. Your mind needs you.

Kristen Stewart

The always fun-loving and cheerful Kristen had her demons too. When she was in her teens, she wanted to control everything. She wasn’t self-confident and feared everything with an unknown outcome. This lead her to experience breakdowns and feel inhibited.

Not being able to control everything is something that plagues everyone. We all feel the need to be up to speed with everything, but it’s not always doable. By accepting what life offers us, we relieve ourselves. Upon reaching twenty, Kristen realized that too.

No amount of success, no amount of fame is worth your instability. Find your own center and let go sometimes. Feeling not in control may be frightening. Sometimes a lack of security can be thrilling, too. Worrying is excess burned on your beautiful mind.