CBD Infused Massage Oil

by Maria

CBD Infused Massage Oil

Considered as one that is frequently affected by stress, it is therefore of no much surprise that the human body requires every means that it can undergo to relieve stress in its system. There are various means and techniques through different individuals have tried to achieve this stress- free mode in their body, this is in forms of various relaxation techniques and even at times, massage. 

The use of massage

Massage is a tool that is used by both traditional practitioners and modern-day practitioners to induce relaxation in people. It consists of different type of techniques to achieve different specific purposes. The one thing that these techniques have in common is the means through which it is achieved. 

For a massage to be properly administered, the two most important mediums that are needed are the hands administering this massage and the lubricant used to administer it. That is to say, asides the skill of the individual administering the massage, the type of oil being introduced into the body is also a contributing factor as to whether the required benefits will be gotten from the process.

Benefits of a massage

Massage is an ancient day practice over the years. It has various advantages associated with it. However, the most basic and important reason why massage is being performed on individuals is to induce relaxation.

Inducing relaxation in individuals is a process which varies per individual. In some, it is a long and tedious process and in many others, it is a fast achieved process. The baseline of this, however, remains that the body requires relaxation to function properly, hence every possible means of achieving it must be tried.

Massage is also used as a means of stimulating the muscle fibers of the body for specific purposes. Stimulating these muscle fibers will help to increase the blood flow to that body area, thereby enhancing the healing of that body part. This is oftentimes one of the reasons why massage is considered a healing technique at times.

The use of massage can also be to help to maintain the elasticity of the skin. This helps in the prevention of wrinkles and also helps to reduce fast ageing in individuals. 


Purpose of a massage lubricant

CBD Infused Massage Oil

There is a wide range of lubricants that have been used and are still being used to perform massage. One of the importance of using these lubricants is to prevent the occurrence of friction between the masseur’s hand and the individual’s body. 

Another reason why a lubricant is used when performing massage is to introduce new substances into the body system through the skin. 

There are a number of lubricants that can be used for this purpose. One of such is powder. The sole aim of using powder for a massage technique is to help reduce the level of contact friction in that individual. 

Other lubricants that are used are gels. Many a time, the use of these gels is a way of introducing specific ingredients into the body such as the use of pain-relieving gels to introduce pain-relieving chemicals into the body, thereby reducing pain. 

The use of oils in the act of massage is also not an uncommon one. The reason for its use will be determined by the type of component through which the oils are made of. One newly used oil for massage is the CBD oil.

CBD for massage

The use of cannabinoid, in individuals, is known to have varying effects according to the symptoms presented by the individual in question and also what that individual aims to gain from it. 

However, the use of CBD has been generally associated with pain-relieving symptoms and also calming and soothing effects on the users. 

CBD massage is considered as a means of achieving a deeper soothing massage without discomfort. It allows for maximal contact between the hand performing the massage and the body in question being massaged. 

With its already known soothing benefits and the already known relaxation benefit of a massage, the combination of these two processes makes the massage one that is fully relaxing and beneficial to the body.

The use of CBD oil on the skin has also been largely associated with specific anti-inflammatory properties in the body. Being a natural means of achieving this, its use helps the body to retain its youthful appearance at all times. 


The addition of CBD oil in massage oil is one that is widely accepted and proven effective for its major aim. However, because no two individuals are the same, the oil should be added initially with caution so as not to induce a hyper effect of the properties of the oil on the body. If properly used with the right techniques, the body will benefit tremendously from its use.