CBD for Anxiety and Stage Fright

by cbdoilsideeffect

Most of us have had to deal with anxiety and stage fright at some point in our lives. It might have been during a poem delivery or a proposal presentation in college or at work. However, it is not necessarily a bad thing to be anxious. Stage fright occurs due to anxiety while anxiety is as a result of stressful events. The human body is wired to respond with anxiety once such events occur. Instead of concentrating on the activity the self is conducting, attention and focus shifts and focuses on the anxiety itself. The brain begins analyzing and assessing the situation. At this moment, the mind loses focus and starts thinking of material outside of the main agenda. One may start mumbling unrelated things and even get confused amidst a presentation. However, when this anxiety becomes part of your daily routine that is a different problem that should be further examined.

Some of the signs of stage fright and anxiety include stomach cramps, muscle tension, a slight headache, etc. Severe cases of anxiety disorders may advance to panic attacks.

When Being Anxious Escalates To an Anxiety Disorder

Nobody can honestly claim he or she has never been anxious. The pressures and stresses of school, work, family issues, and money problems all cause these occurrences. However, the body always finds a way of dealing with these negative emotion by filling itself with positive things in life. However, sometimes anxiety takes a turn and begins affecting the normal functioning of a person. It may also influence the general health of the individual, and dictate his or her thoughts and feelings. At this stage, the sense of anxiety turns from a normal state into a full mental disorder called anxiety disorder. People suffering from anxiety disorder feel like their lives are not their own but held captive by fear and worry.

Previous Solutions for Anxiety and Stage Fright

Colleges and higher education institutions require their students to present proposals, projects, group works, and assignments before a panel or classmates. People seeking employment are often called for interviews in which they are required to respond to the interviewing panel. After employment, an employee may be tasked with an assignment and present the findings before the board. Other public appearances and speeches can also be made in front of family members, as an acceptance speech, in church, etcetera. However, people have invented crude ways of fighting stage fright and anxiety. It’s no secret that people resolve to drinking or taking drugs to calm their nerves amidst such situations. And although there are prescription drugs meant for anxiety, they still are not a healthy remedy. We present CBD to you which is the most natural and efficient solution for stage fright and anxiety.

CBD for Anxiety

Nature has a way of offering us with solutions to all our problems. Existing and ongoing pieces of research have proven that CBD interacts and alters parts of the brain and body that deal with anxiety.

CBD has anxiolytic properties that enable it to counter the effects of anxiety. Extensive pieces of research report this positive fact about CBD. Several studies conducted on animals and human volunteers show that CBD induces a calming effect on the body. Although there are ongoing studies on CBD’s benefits, its effect on anxiety remains compelling.

CBD oil is typically extracted from cannabis plants which have high CBD but low THC. It is mainly extorted from stalks of hemp plants. Among the many benefits of CBD oil is helping the body relax and deal with anxiety. Fortunately for many people, CBD oil has almost zero THC content. THC is the other main compound, apart from CBD, used by recreational users to get high. It also causes psychotic reactions in people with anxiety and paranoia. Since CBD and its products are legal, it has allowed researchers to continue experimenting the scale of its benefits.

CBD receptors which include CB1, CB2, GP55, TRPV1, and all other responsible agents for producing cannabinoids are located in the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling stress, mood, fear, cravings, and sleep. Several pieces of evidence indicate that an activation of cannabinoid receptors lowers the heart rate and blood pressure in the event of an anxious state.

Another study was conducted by using public speaking to induce stress. After the administration of CBD, the body exhibited reduced symptoms of self-rated anxiety. Other extensions of the study suggest that there was a significant improvement in speech delivery performance within individuals subjected to anxiety after consuming CBD products.

CBD tends to have opposite effects on anxiety. People who face social phobia can also benefit from CBD. These are individuals who believe that they would be negatively judged for what they do. As a result, they avoid standing before people let alone being in public. Consequently, this condition affects their normal life and makes them lead miserable lives.

How CBD Treats Anxiety

CBD interacts well with body structures that are responsible for anxiety. The same structures are also responsible for nausea, vomiting, appetite, sleep, etc. Once CBD in the oil comes into contact with these body structures, they give the body an anti-depressant feeling. The body has its own natural way of controlling mood, memory, energy balance, and drug addiction. Numerous pieces of research have shown the significance of these naturally occurring elements responsible for controlling anxiety. However, they still cannot perform the function efficiently on their own. CBD comes in and further strengthens their ability to control and shrink anxiety and stage fright.

Time before CBD Oil Works

Experiments document 27 minutes as the average wait time before the oil works in the body. For anxiety, people have reported a duration between 20 and 30 minutes.

If you feel like you have been experiencing an unusual amount of anxiety, you need to try one of the CBD products as a daily remedy. For people with panic attacks, CBD oil can help relax the muscles. Therefore, next time when you are on stage delivering a speech or doing a presentation, and you are prone to stage frights, do remember to take a dose of CBD oil before heading to the stage. It will help you remain calm and keep your mind from thinking of irrelevant things.