7 Signs That you’re Suffering from Anxiety (and how can CBD help you with that!)

by Michal Tomankiewicz

When it comes to anxiety, it’s not something that appears once in every million cases. We’re talking about one of the most common mental conditions of the modern era. Most people do indeed suffer from anxiety, despite the fact that they’re completely unaware of it. They deem their anxiety episodes as slight waves of discomfort, but completely write it away when it comes to any potential of a mental condition.

There’s no shame in suffering from something you can’t neither prevent control. Therefore, instead of running away from your anxiety, it would be best that you faced it and conquered it with therapy, treatments and the right medication. We’re not talking about those anachronistic and detrimental chemical meds you get prescribed, but about something much more potent and less dangerous. We’re aiming for CBD, the substance that changed the way we perceive medicine.

Before we cover the details about CBD soothes your anxiety, we would like to focus the majority of this article on the ways you can determine whether you have anxiety or not. We’re narrowed down the list to the seven essential ones. Upon finding out and determining whether you have anxiety, you can ponder on the subject of giving CBD a chance.

Without further ado, let’s start by grabbing the anxiety demon by the throat and uncovering the ways in which he manifests in. By spreading knowledge about such a condition, the world would and will be a much better and much more pleasant place to live in.

1. It hits you out of nowhere

According to what we’ve been taught, we’re used to viewing anxiety as something you expect when a bad thing happens. However, this might not always be viable, as an anxiety disorder is characterized by anxiety attacks appearing out of nowhere. This may leave you confused and hopeless because, naturally, it’s not normal to be sad or anxious without an apparent reason.

A good way to combat such an occurrence would be to get yourself some CBD oil. Just a few drops a day may allow you to feel light again. It’s a sufficient quantity to be able to alleviate your overthinking and irrational anxiety. When you start feeling better again, just take the time to relax and appreciate everything around you. It will bring you closer to a permanent improvement.

2. You’re physically sick because of it

Some disorders are psychosomatic. What does that even mean? Well, it’s basically a phenomenon when you feel so bad mentally that your body feel the consequences and displays some side-effects as well. These physical symptoms span from light nausea to excessive sweating, vomiting and a higher blood pressure. The only way to do this with conventional meds is to combine many in order to accomplish a simple goal.

However, with CBD, you get to kill two birds with one stone. When the particles from cannabidiol bind to your endocannabinoid receptors, any trace of nausea, migraines or anything else will be gone. CBD aids people with anxiety by providing muscle relaxation, something that is much needed in such situations.

3. You avoid spending time with people

This is one of the most negative ways anxiety can manifest itself. You will most likely feel a strange unwillingness to risk being embarrassed or judged by people. The best way to combat this is to surround yourself with accepting and caring people. A positive atmosphere will help you treat the problems that lurk within your head.

If you need medical support, try out CBD. Social anxiety is guaranteed to be at a lesser scale mostly because you will be more relaxed. You will tend to focus on more positive things than that dreaded fear of embarrassment. Therefore, a few drops a day will cause you to build up confidence and function better than ever.

4. An irrational fear of things and places

Our mind is a powerful weapon. It can make us or break us, to say the least. One way that our mind can break us is the ability to associate negativity with people and places for no apparent reason. This can happen with seemingly normal things and places, where no fear or threats lurk whatsoever. It’s the fear of something happening that paralyzes you.

When taking CBD, you will tend to think more positive and slow down your brainwaves. An increasingly frequent array of brainwaves is something characteristic for an increased type of anxiety.

5. Frequent panic attacks

Such an occurrence is never really normal, but sometimes it can go way, way overboard. Panic attacks are usual, so to speak, when someone is facing a difficult period in their lives. Breakups, an increased workload, pressure – all this can add up to result in a panic attack. However, when they happen even when everything is okay, it’s a sign to worry. Therefore, you should calm down and assess your life.

CBD can greatly aid the reduction of panic attacks in people, regardless of age and sex. It does so by rationalizing the thoughts that normally plague us. Such a simple action will pay dividends much later, as you’ll see.

6. Reliving traumatic events

Our brain has a tendency to repeat tragic events over and over again, just so that you won’t repeat them again. However, it can be said that you will suffer if you repeat such things too much. They can start torturing you.

CBD will provide you with an increased feeling of creativity. You will think of ingenious ways to bypass the line of though that is plaguing you. It also aids sleeping.

7. Compulsive behavior

OCD can sometimes overlap with an anxiety disorder, but this doesn’t have to always be the case. Compulsiveness can also have its roots in anxiety, mostly due to the fact that you fear making a mistake a lot.

If you’re using CBD as your anxiety medication, you will think of new ways to have fun and enjoy every action. It will help you stop focusing on the negative and start trying so hard to accomplish the positive things you want.