3 Urban Myths About CBD and the Reasons they’re Myths

by Simy Wandering Turtle

Myths are a normal and expected piece of any form of culture. As soon as a phenomenon becomes widespread, there is a tendency that false rumors begin to spread. This is something that is unavoidable and awaits any person, object or even medicinal aid that gets popular. We’re talking about medicinal aids here and that’s why we’ve mentioned them. How can something beneficial get a bad rep? The reasons are numerous, but in that myriad lies a damaging effect on something that can help people.

Such is the curious case of CBD oil. This medication has been controversial since the very beginning of its mentioning in the mass media mechanism. Conservative politicians, anti-activists, and big pharmaceutical companies have disputed its benefits despite the concrete evidence. As any powerful organization, these individuals have joined forces to create a plethora of false information using the media influence.

Many people have no previous knowledge about the beneficial effects of CBD oil and they are quick to believe these lies. Because it’s made from the cannabis plant, CBD oil is always looked with a dose of carefulness. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran user of this medication, you’ve stumbled across some laughable myths about CBD oil. We’ve decided to tackle the three most famous ones and end their reign. Ignorance is far from bliss and a lack of knowledge is the further thing from cultural advancement. Let’s end the darkness.

MYTH: CBD Oil Can Get You High!

WHY IT ISN’T TRUE: To simply put it – CBD has no psychoactive effects at all. Even at large doses, the worst thing you can feel is nausea in your stomach. And this is because of the cannabinoid receptors overloading, not because it gets you high. CBD can in no way get you high and mess with your head. We would like to elaborate on this a bit further.

THC is another cannabinoid that is extracted from cannabis plants. It’s different from CBD, but people put them in the same basket. Why is this? They do it in order to spread ignorance because of their own interests, of course. Due to such an all-out media war, people mix the psychoactive THC with the soothing CBD. What is the difference, anyway?

Both are made from cannabis plants but from different kinds of cannabis plants. THC is made from marijuana plants, whose buds can really make you feel high and all woozy. CBD is made from hemp, a non-psychedelic type of cannabis. Hemp can be used for cooking, clothes, making paper and a thousand other applications. Hemp belongs to the same genus as marijuana, but it can’t be more different.

So, to conclude this silly conundrum – CBD does not make you high. It is thought of as an evil extension of marijuana, even though it’s not. Just because it comes from the same genus, doesn’t mean it has the same effects. CBD is a medication that can cure cancer and many other diseases, along with soothing pain. THC also has benefits but carries with it that somewhat nasty and annoying high feeling. They are different and it’s high time (no pun intended) to differentiate them

MYTH: CBD will show up in my Drug Test and Get me Fired!

WHY IT ISN’T TRUE: Here we have yet another CBD-related myth that stems from the original mix-up with its psychoactive cousin, THC. Many people deem the notion that CBD can get them fired a completely logical one, without thinking about the whole problem. It’s time to spread awareness about the differing notions of CBD, THC and their appearances on professional and home drug tests.

Drug tests are designed to find illicit substances in your blood and urine. Depending on the test itself, you will be obliged to bring forth one or both liquids, as samples. CBD will not show on any test nor get you fired because of it. This is because every drug test is tailor-made to search for THC, the only psychoactive substance in the cannabis plant. THC is what makes cannabis illegal in many countries and it’s what makes you feel high, whereas CBD does not.

There isn’t a drug test in existence that looks for CBD, as it is a completely different substance from THC. It’s not on the banned substance list and it can go unnoticed. What you have to worry about, though, is the source of the THC. Make sure that the source is purely a hemp plant, not a marijuana plant. Marijuana plants contain an abundance of THC and little CBD. In rare cases, they can be used to synthesize CBD, but contain some THC that can be discovered via a drug test.

Therefore, be careful about the supplier and the company that you get your CBD from. Always opt for legal, hemp-made CBD oil. It’s better, stronger and won’t put you at risk of losing your job. By being informed and making the right choice, your life will definitely be better.

MYTH: CBD is Made out of Cannabis, therefore – It’s illegal!

WHY IT ISN’T TRUE: The reason for the existence of this myth stems from the fact that CBD is an incredibly efficient medicine that can aid you in an abundance of ways. It’s cheaper, more natural and better for your body than conventional medication. Such medications are manufactured by companies that have deals with the government. Because of this, politicians see it as worst nightmare for people to start using a better, more natural solution. To put it simply – they will lose a lot of money by allowing this to go on.

CBD isn’t illegal in much of the world! In fact, it’s barely controlled in some regions and it’s free for distribution in the majority of the free world. Politicians and governments can’t make it illegal, but they can spread lies about it being illegal. It’s a shrewd plan made at the expense of people who really need this medication. Don’t be afraid to get informed and exist the dark chamber of urban myths. Knowledge is power.