CBD and Asthma

by Maria

How Does CBD Affect Asthma

The rate at which asthma limits activities is fast on the increasing side of recent, especially in its crisis period. As such, affected individuals are on the sharp lookout for difference means by which its effects can be reduced. 

Asthma is known as a respiratory condition in which the airways are blocked leading to a reduction in the amount of air getting to the lungs, thereby making breathing difficult. A characteristic sign commonly associated with this condition is the wheezing sound that is heard when the affected individual is trying to take in air. 

How Does Asthma Affect An Individual

It is of common knowledge that humans require air, specifically oxygen, to live normally and go about the activities of daily living. Therefore, with asthma in which there is no enough intake of air into the body, it is of little surprise that it hinders activities. 

Common symptoms associated with the condition are shortness of breath, easy fatigue, chest tightness or pain. These symptoms limit physical activities for the affected individual, which can even progress into limiting the individual’s social life. Another closely associated symptom is anxiety. Most asthma patients are known to be affected by anxiety attacks in which they are too scared to breathe. This can be associated with different reasons including chest pain. 

With asthma, there are peculiarities per individual. Although it is not uncommon to find every affected individual with a form of inhaler to aid breathing when an episode attack occurs. However, there is no known cure associated with the condition, and it is often times managed as symptoms occur. 

How Can Asthma Be Properly Managed

There has been quite a number of research means, some still undergoing, for the management of asthma. Alongside the medical management of this condition which includes prescription of drugs that will help with bronchospasm and also inhalers, there is also the physical aspect of the management which helps with the management of the physical signs seen as a result of the condition.

Typically prescribed inhalers for managing the associated shortness of breath found in cancer helps to improve this symptom. Dominant among the components of this inhaler is adrenergic (adrenaline-like) substances. 

However, this substance has also been closely associated with the occurrence of anxiety in individuals. Therefore, more ways by which bronchospasm can be managed without causing anxiety is being looked in. As such, the use of CBD is recently being considered as an alternative.


CBD is gradually becoming a management option in asthma cases

Fully known as cannabidiol, CBD is a chemical gotten from the cannabis Sativa plant. It has its major component as THC which is fully known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC, the active component of CBD is known for its non- psychotic effects on individuals which makes it different from marijuana. 

CBD is mostly used in various forms, with its most common form being the oil form. Of recent, the substance is being more recognized for its medical uses. It has been proven effective in the management of a number of medical conditions such as seizures, and more common mood disorders in individuals. 

How Does CBD Affect Asthma In Individuals

With the forms of symptoms associated with asthma, CBD is gradually becoming a management option in asthma cases. Because of its non-psychotic effects and simultaneous euphoric effects, the use of CBD in the management of asthma is one that has been researched into and is still being looked into. This is more as a result of the highly euphoric effect associated with its use. As such, it is quite beneficial in the management of the anxiety symptom associated with the use of typical inhalers. 

CBD is a known anti-inflammatory substance. Hence its usage serves as a bronchodilator in asthma patient, helping to relax the bronchospasm symptoms common in asthma patients. With this known effect, the use of CBD oil in asthma will be very effective in the management of asthma symptoms such as tightness of the chest, and also a pain in the chest.

Also, the occurrence of anxiety in asthma patients can also be effectively managed with the use of CBD oil. CBD is known for its highly euphoric effects on patients which are associated with mood-lifting symptoms, hence can serve as a means of enhancing the social status of the affected individual, helping them with proper integration into the society. 


Asthma is fast becoming a source of limitation in affected individuals, hence its numerous management researches. The use of CBD can be in different forms, which can include as a pill, oil, in tinctures form and so on. Its use is quite effective in any form it is used. It is also very important to note that the use of CBD oil is not regarded as using marijuana due to its highly non-psychotic effect, hence it is a legal substance to use in most countries.