Can CBD Be Helpful For Muscle Spasms?

by Maria

CBD is Helpful for Muscle Spasms

The musculoskeletal system of the body is one that is very essential for activities of daily living. Power in this system will often time translate into an equal amount of function in that individual. This is why an injury to the musculoskeletal system can prove to be quite devastating for individuals. 

There are a number of injuries or ailments that could happen to the musculoskeletal system, ranging from mild to severe in nature. Belonging to the category of the mild to moderate type is muscle spasm, although its classification may change depending on its presentation after the occurrence.

Muscle spasm is a sudden contracture of one or more groups of muscles, causing intense pain and limitation of movement. Most times, the cause of muscle spasm in individuals can be attributed to overuse and fatigue of the muscle. At other times, extreme dehydration of the muscle fibers can lead to the occurrence of fatigue in that muscle. 

The major physiology behind the occurrence of muscle spasm is the occurrence of electrolyte abnormality in that muscle causing an accumulation of lactic acid in that muscle. Most times, muscle spasm is always very painful but however short-lived. As such, virtually every individual has at one point or the other experienced the occurrence of muscle spasm in them.


Facts about muscle spasm

Muscle spasm is not secluded to a special type of muscle, as it can occur in any of the muscles of the body, including the smooth muscles and also the cardiac muscle, although it is more times common with the muscles of the extremities. The level of pain from spasm is often times determined by the specific type of muscle that undergoes the spasm.

Common causes of spasms in an individual are overuse of the muscle, a muscle strain, or a traumatic injury to the muscle. As such, spasm is a very common occurrence in individuals who undergo a high rate of physical activity, especially in cases of athletes or individuals who exercise regularly. 

Maintaining the same position for a long period of time is also another cause of spasm in individuals. This is very closely associated with dehydration and depletion of electrolytes in that muscle, leading to the occurrence of spasm.


Effects of muscle spasms 

Pain is the most associated symptom of muscle spasm. There is an acute onset of pain which increases as contraction continues, oftentimes limiting movement and activities. Typically, spasms disappear within a few minutes of occurrence after stretching the affected muscle. 

However, in some individuals, the occurrence of muscle spasm is a familiar one and consulting a physician, therefore, becomes very necessary in such situations. There are a number of approaches that are being used as management methods for the occurrence of muscle spasms. This includes the use of medications prescribed by a doctor to relax the muscle. However, in recent times, the use of CBD has been an open option as a treatment mode for muscle spasm. 

CBD and Muscle Spasms

How Effective Is The Use Of CBD As A Treatment Mode For Muscle Spasm

Individuals who suffer from muscle spasm on a regular basis are on the constant lookout for a means to relieve the symptoms associated with its occurrence, especially the pain. 

CBD works in the body by reacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body. This system is closely associated with the proper functioning of a number of physiological processes in the body. The substance is a known anti-inflammatory substance that has been shown to effectively relieve the occurrence of inflammation and symptoms associated with it. 

With muscle spasm, there is a likely irritation of the affected muscle leading to a subsequent inflammation in that muscle. Through the intake of CBD, the level of inflammation going on in that body can be brought down, thereby also reducing the state of spasm of that muscle. 

Another fully associated symptom is a pain. In actual fact, an individual with muscle spasm is most likely more bothered with the ongoing pain in that affected area. Therefore, bringing down this pain will address that individual’s immediate need. The use of CBD has been closely associated with the relief of pain sensation in individuals. This it does by increasing the amount of a certain pain-reducing endocannabinoid called anandamide. 

The usage of CBD can be in any of its forms to produce the same effect on the muscle. The topical application of the oil on the affected muscle area has been especially noted to be quite effective in reducing the level of pain in that muscle are.


The use of CBD in the management of muscle spasm can be safely said to be a potent one considering the effects on the various symptoms presenting during a muscle spasm. This claim is also fully backed up by a number of studies, of which many are still ongoing.