5 Situations When CBD Helps Your Dog Feel Better

by Michal Tomankiewicz

Nothing worse than watching your dog feel under the weather for a prolonged period of time! And yes, there are so many situations when nothing in the world seems to help.

Recently, however, cannabinoids, particularly cannabidiol (CBD), have been discovered to have the potential to treat various medical problems and emotional problems in dogs, in a non-toxic way.

Is it really safe to give CBD to dogs, and does it really work? Science’s answer so far has been. Yes, the same goes for real-life practice. CBD has been changing the lives of dogs worldwide, and the response so far heard from owners and vets alike is just really exciting. Whether it’s an illness, an eating problem or an emotional or stress issue, CBD seems to help in a huge number of cases.

So what exactly does this magic product help with? A lot, it seems, but we bring you a list of five categories of dog issues that CBD is empirically proven to relieve.

  1. Pain relief in dogs with arthritis or other chronic pain

Let’s start with the worst. Chronic pain such as arthritis can seem like an incurable persistent nightmare for a dog, especially since no medicine has as yet proven effective enough. But there’s no reason to merely accept your dog’s painful howling and learn how to ignore it.

The thing is, in this respect CBD is uniquely promising. Recent surveys show that almost 65% of dog owners report a decrease in symptoms of pain in their dog after two or more months of CBD consumption, and 9% report a complete absence of symptoms.

  1. Mitigating the stresses associated with separation anxiety, travel, and startling noises

CBD has been shown to reduce stress in humans, but recent studies show the same effects in dogs. The exciting findings have already been taken up by vets in the USA, who recommend CDD for stress symptoms in dogs.

If your dog is undergoing serious stress due to short or long separation from owners or one of your family, or the less serious stress such as the one associated with travel, CBD is also effective in relieving the feelings of anxiety. Lots of owners report their pets regaining their spirit, mood, and mobility after several weeks of taking CBD-infused oils, without any notable side effects.

CBD has also become popular during the New Year’s holiday season in big cities, as it mitigates the stress dogs experience from pyrotechnics and other startling “holiday” noises.

  1. Stimulating appetite in dogs that are having trouble or refusing to eat

There are various reasons why your dog may be refusing to eat, most commonly associated with stress and illness. Whatever the reason, if you’re finding it hard to get your dog to eat, CBD may help.

CBD has demonstrated effects in stimulating appetite in dogs and increasing the feeling of hunger. Also, it has been shown that after taking CBD dogs demonstrate a hunger and ask for food more times per day. The effect has been confirmed by several medical institutions, including the National Cancer Institute.

  1. Calming and stabilizing dogs who suffer from seizures or heart issues

An estimated 1% to 5% of all dogs can suffer from either symptomatic or idiopathic seizure, the latter of which has no known cause, which is another area in which CBD is recommended as a solution. If your canine friend is within this 5 %, suffering from seizures, or also suffering from heart problems, CBD is proven to be helpful. An increasing number of vets have been coming to prescribe CBD for these conditions, and the results look unbelievably positive.

A survey study conducted by AHVMA has shown that between 60% and 90% of pet owners confirm the benefits of CBD treats for relieving their dog’s problems with seizures, convulsions, heart issues and nervous system problems, with their responses ranging from ‘moderate to ‘excellent’. While some of these effects were previously known to exist in humans, studies suggest that they may be far stronger in dogs.

  1. For dogs in whom prescription medications cause adverse effects

Prescription drugs can be a nightmare for dogs, given the range of negative effects they may cause, shown to be more dangerous than in humans. A range of animal studies, however, show that CBD is effective in helping dogs suffering from adverse effects of prescription drugs, as well as dogs that have health issues due to various toxins. CBD also helps with vomiting and nausea and generally relieves the symptoms and in some cases completely eliminates the difficulties.

Overall, while more research is needed, CBD does seem to be a “nature’s gift” for our canine companions, as a number of owners have come to call it. We must also note that no adverse effects of CBD have so far been scientifically found in dogs. Of course, it cannot cure illnesses but is pretty convincingly shown by now to reduce symptoms, relieve pain and even to extend dogs’ lives. Good enough for us.