Treating Back Pain with CBD Oil

by cbdoilsideeffect

Adults all over the world face back pains at one point in their lifetime. It remains to be one of the most common physical conditions that affect adults. Approximately 31 million adult Americans suffer from back pains at any given time. Unfortunately, the situation may escalate into a full-scale chronic pain which is defined as pain that lasts more than three months. The non-affected persons are merely left to sympathize with them.

A number of treatment options are available for people with back pains. Unfortunately, the present medications are reputed to cause harm to internal organs. If physiotherapy, Neurotherapy, and all subtle remedies fail, a patient may end up in the surgery room. However, there is an available remedy which is treating back pain with CBD oil.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can be brought up by a number of issues including disease and trauma. Nevertheless, most people experience back pains as a result of working. It is reported that back pains are the number two reason why people occasionally miss work. Although one may think that back pains are created by strenuous jobs, most individuals who complain about back pains are those who are forced to sit at their work stations for long hours, truck drivers, and students reading for long hours. Another group of people who suffer from upper and lower back pains are those that sit down for extended periods of little to no activity.

A report from the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies claimed that about 100 million Americans had chronic back pain. This is big business since they spend about $50 million each year on medication. These over the counter medications often fail hence create even more frustration and hopelessness. They offer short lived relief which does not provide long term solutions. Furthermore, they have an addictive element among other side effects.

Common Medications Used for Back Pain

NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are the most common prescription drugs for people diagnosed with back pain. NSAIDs are a group of drugs which include ibuprofen, valium, and Voltaren. Valium is prescribed since it has a muscle-relaxing effect.

Any muscle pains and inflammatory conditions on the body are treated with NSAIDs which doctors still consider useful. Some other patients may be prescribed with Flexeril which can be okay during the night but make the user feel a bit unusual during the day. All the back pain prescription medicine are coupled with side effects. Something patients don’t get to hear often is that excessive dosages can cause other disorders such as ulcers and cramps. These pain medications can only be said to be dangerous since they have horrible side effects including suppression of the body’s immune system. The user also risks his or her body developing tolerance of the drugs which don’t work any longer after a given period.

CBD Oil as a Natural Solution for Back Pain

Treating back pain, among other ways, includes strengthening the core muscles and maintaining healthy habits. Having said that, Cannabidiol (CBD), regarded as the star of medical marijuana as evidenced by recent research studies, can help alleviate a lot of the pain. CBD is one among the 113 cannabinoids that are in cannabis. CBD oil provides a natural remedy for people with back pain. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is made from a non-psychoactive compound. The oil has extensively been used to treat an array of physical and mental conditions including anxiety. The oil promises back pain users relief that is not short lived and zero side effects or addiction to it. It possesses analgesic properties that reduce pain within the body.

Some patients with chronic back pain suffer because of treatment-resistant neuropathic damage. These are people who previously tried medication therapies with little success. A previous study reported that such patients could benefit from CBD oil treatment. Whether acute or chronic, pain is the common denominator which CBD oil can deal with effectively.

Previous Studies on CBD Oil Treatment for Back Pain

A previous study examined how cannabinoids can be used in pain management. The results showed that they are an effective remedy for various conditions that cause pain. In another study, 19 rodents were tested on three different CBD oil quantities. The rodents had an intentionally afflicted state. Rodents that received high CBD amounts showed significant results after 15 days of study. The study concluded that CBD has anti-degenerative effects which can be helpful in the treatment of inter-vertebral disc degeneration on the back. Other studies have shown the analgesic properties of CBD. Another study asserted that CBD oil works in the body by reducing the pain signals in the body. Further, the researchers claimed that it suppressed inflammations and pain without building any tolerance.

Progressively, CBD continues to prove itself within extensive studies of different domains about its ability to offer pain relief. Among the many pain management therapies, back pain has been added to the long list of conditions that CBD oil can efficiently provide aid. Furthermore, it is not limited to acute back pain but offers solace to chronic back pain patients.

Beyond Pain Management

CBD has a different modus operandi. Unlike prescription drugs which try to alleviate the back pain singularly, CBD works by going further down and deal with the source of the pain. Back pain is not caused by the injury caused by sitting for long hours but from the subsequent inflammation. A study reported that CBD could treat the pain as well as the inflammation that causes the pain. Hence, there is a reason to believe that CBD oil intake will offer the same relief for people with inflammation related back pain.

If you’re an employee who sits inappropriately for long hours, or a student reading for long hours, you might be a back pain victim. The millions of people who suffer from back pains, most have lost hope of ever fully recovering from their plight. Many have tried prescription medicine, physiotherapy, and others have seen a chiropractor. However, over 59% of all back pain patients are yet to see any positive changes in their bodies. If you have back pains or any other pain in your body, CBD oil promises positive changes. The advantage is that you get to consume a 100% natural remedy that has no side effects and no addiction. Treating back pain with CBD oil is a way of accepting nature’s gift to the world and acknowledging that nature still cares about our health.