CBD And Meditation

by Maria

CBD and Meditation

Humans are made of a combination of the body, spirit and soul. Before a person can be considered fully whole, these three components must be considered healthy individually and should also be in perfect synchronization with each other. An affectation of either one of these components is sure to affect the other parts of the body; hence it is very important to pursue wellness in these components. 

Stress is a major issue that all individuals face, from work to home, to social interactions, an average individual is exposed to various levels of stress. The human mind is one that gets easily stressed at slight triggers. As such, there are a number of ways through which individuals go about trying to relax it. One major way through which this is done is by meditation.

How does meditation work?

Basically, meditation is an act of training the mind. It is sometimes said to be synonymous to exercise which is considered a means of training the body, hence it is thought that what exercise does to the body, meditation also does to the mind. Meditation is considered a practice in which deliberate efforts are taken into calming the mind and also to reduce stress. The end goal of meditation techniques is relaxation. 

There are various means through which meditation can be performed. It could either be done by consciously trying to empty one’s mind of all thoughts and think of literarily nothing. Another means through which it can be effective is by focusing all of your mind’s energy on a single point. By doing this, you get to erase your mind of every other random thought and choose to focus on a specific positive thought that will serve as a means of relaxing the mind. 

How does meditation help?

As earlier said, the major goal of meditation is relaxation. By relaxation, it is meant as a means of reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system to its barest minimum. This means that meditation is a great means of;

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Lowering anxiety in individuals
  • Reducing stress level
  • Lowering the rate of perspiration 
  • Increasing the level of focus and attention

Performing all of these actions in the body goes a long way into ensuring that the mind is constantly in a state of relaxation. More importantly, it helps to create a healthy emotional and mental state of wellbeing, thereby helping the body system to maintain a perfect state of health at all times. 


The use of CBD

CBD oil

CBD is a shortened form of the word ‘Cannabinoid’. It is one of the products gotten from the hemp plant. Of recent, the use of CBD by individuals has greatly increased for varying purposes. This is as a result of the high amount of evidence revealed from studies on how beneficial the oil is to human. 

The use of CBD in various individuals has been shown to be a great means of relieving anxiety in people and also a good source of soothing relief in individuals. With the use of CBD, there is a reaction with the endocannabinoid receptor system of the body, which is then responsible for the series of effects on the body. 

CBD and meditation

The effects of CBD on the body can be a great means of reducing the level of stress in the body. It has a number of properties that helps to soothe and alleviate the level of anxiety in the body also, hence its use is always considered an effective mode of inducing relaxation in the body. 

These effects are quite similar to the effects gotten through the use of yoga which is why the use of CBD before or during the meditation process can serve as a form of catalyst that helps to speed up the process. Using CBD prior to beginning your meditation will help to set the perfect relaxed body tone which will be instrumental for the mind to follow. 

At this point, it is very important to note that having a properly relaxed body precedes the relaxation of the mind. Hence, before undergoing meditation to relax the mind, the use of CBD can help to reduce the stress level of the body. 

It can then be said that the use of CBD is a great means, especially when used together with various meditation practices, to achieve a healthy state of health.


Consistency is a major key to follow when embarking on meditation as a means of relaxation. This can be achieved by setting aside specific regular time each day to ensure that you are consistent with it. With CBD as a boosting means, practicing meditation is a very effective means of achieving the desired result of relaxation which then helps to maintain overall optimal wellbeing to the body as a whole.