CBD As A Solution For Sleepless Nights

by Maria

CBD and its role in managing sleepless nights

Insomnia has gradually become a serious source of concern for a large majority of the human population. Insomnia, in simple words, is regarded as a sleep disorder which is characterised by an inability to fall asleep at will.  This condition has is one that is faced by quite a large number of population leading to a gradual decline in the level of their productivity at work. 

The most common cause associated with this condition is stress. A high level of stress in individuals can translate to insomnia in most individuals. There are also other factors that could lead to insomnia in individuals, they are environmental factors such as noise, light, emotional factors such as the recent loss of a loved one, and even certain types of medication.

As such, insomnia is generally categorized into two; primary insomnia in which the cause is not associated with any underlying medical condition and secondary insomnia which can be fully attributed to a specific type of medical condition as its cause such as asthma, depression, etc.

Insomnia; causes and symptoms

As earlier stated, insomnia can be attributed to a number of causes depending on whether it has an underlying condition or not. At times, the effect of insomnia can be closely related to the cause of which it began to start with. For instance, insomnia as a result of the loss of a loved one will be well associated with signs of depression and sometimes mood disorder in that individual. Insomnia gotten from stress can also be associated with feelings of anxiety and mood disorders in the affected individual. 

General symptoms associated with insomnia in individuals include the occurrence of pain and discomfort in the affected individual, there is also the occurrence of general irritability in the individual plus a reduction in the activity and concentration level of that individual.

All these symptoms will therefore definitely lead to an obvious decrease in the productivity level of an individual which will lead to an affectation of the total wellbeing of the individual in the long run. Hence, there is an urgency in the search for a management means for the condition. 

A lot of means have been tried as to the proper management of insomnia in individuals. There are a number of medications which are often times prescribed to individuals suffering from insomnia, lifestyle modification is also not left out as it can help to reduce the level of stress in individuals. 

CBD and its role in managing sleepless nights

CBD and its role in managing sleepless nights

Another means through which people are looking at as an effective mode of managing the problem of sleepless nights in individuals is by the use of CBD

CBD is one of the many substances that are found in the cannabis plant. It is widely known for its non- psychotic effect on its users, which means that it does not leave its users with a feeling of high even after performing its effects on that individual. 

The use of CBD has been attributed with the resolution of a number of symptoms and conditions, of which many are still being discovered till date. CBD is known to work in the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body, thereby putting the body in a state of rest and balance after use. 

The use of CBD is often times more associated with sleeplessness which is caused by external factors or related conditions. It does this by properly managing the cause of this sleeplessness and thereby reducing resulting insomnia. 

As a proven means of managing anxiety in people, it can then be said that the use of CBD will in turn help to increase the level of sleep quality and also how long an individual will sleep.

There have been several studies which have shown that CBD can be used as an effective treatment mode for chronic pain in individuals. Therefore, it can then be said that CBD is quite effective in reducing insomnia that is as a result of medical issues with chronic pain. 

To be more precise, CBD works in doing this by stimulating the nervous system which then subsequently help to properly regulate the presenting mood of the individual. It is of a known fact that an individual’s preceding mood is a very important determinant of the quality of sleep that an individual will get.


Reducing the rate of occurrence of sleepless night individuals goes beyond getting adequate sleep alone, having a regular sleep pattern is also a major determinant of this. As such, the use of CBD will help in properly maintaining the nervous system to function properly, hence helping the body to function properly. 

It should be noted that the use of CBD is not regarded as a substitute for a visit to the physician who must be consulted before the commencement of any substance to the body.